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Artist Statement: Diane Rollins Feissel

Much of my work involves a certain amount of paradox, and is an attempt to reconcile – or at least to address – the inherent contractions in life. I embrace the full spectrum of life; in my paintings I seek to juxtapose peace and chaos, humor and tragedy, realism flirting with the surreal. Painting is both a celebration of and a manifestation of my frustration with the complexity inherent in nature, and the contradictions inherent in life itself - its quirks, inconsistencies and maddening – yet fascinating – non-linear patterns. Realism as the launchpad for my imagemaking, as I find there is an inherently pleasing paradox in the replication of a 3-dimensional world in a 2-dimensional format. I choose to paint because I feel that through visual imagery we can share those incongruities that cannot be explained in words, but rather felt and intuited.